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The fields of application for separation technology are diverse and therefore require highly specific solutions.

Decanter Centrifuges

Flottweg Decanters are used for continuous separation of suspended solids from liquids, clarification of liquids, classification of fine pigments, etc.

The Flottweg Decanter Product Line consists of two series: The C-series decanters are designed for the specific environmental requirements of waste water treatment. The Z-series decanters are modular in nature and can, therefore, be adapted to the specific demands of the different industrial sectors.


Flottweg Tricanters® are utilized for continuous three-phase separation, i.e. simultaneous separation of two immiscible liquids and one solid phase; provided the liquids have different densities and that the solid phase is the heaviest phase. Construction and function are similar to the decanter. The most important difference is the separate discharge of the two liquid phases.


Flottweg Sedicanters® are used for the continuous separation of fine solids from liquids with the solids forming a soft to flowing sediment. Flottweg Sedicanters® are preferably used in cases where the solids are too fine to be effectively processed in a decanter and the sediment cannot be easily discharged from the decanter due to its soft consistency.


Flottweg Sorticanters® are special centrifuges for the continuous separation of solids with different densities from a liquid. The process consists of a carrier liquid with a specific gravity that is between the densities of the two solid phases to be separated.


Disc stack centrifuges are high-speed centrifuges for the mechanical separation and clarification of mixtures comprising solids and liquids. Due to their special design, disc stack centrifuges work at a very high rotation speed. As a result, the centrifugal acceleration (g-force) generated by a disc stack centrifuge is extremely powerful.

Nozzle Separators

Flottweg nozzle separators have a large clarification area and can handle high amounts of solids due to continuous solids discharge. Nozzle separators are available in two basic

configurations: a 2-phase configuration to separate solids from liquids and a 3-phase configuration to separate solids from liquids and simultaneously fractionate different particle sizes.

Belt presses

Flottweg Belt Presses are used for the continuous separation of liquid from different solid-liquid mixtures. In some processes, they can be used for second stage dewatering of the solids phase from a decanter. Flottweg Belt Presses are made entirely of stainless steel. This provides for high hygienic standards and long-term durability.


Food industry

Production of starch, Extraction of plant proteins, Production of plant-based milk alternatives, Dairy industry, Sugar Industry


Beverage industry

Beer, Juice, Instant Coffee, Instant Tea and Tea extract, Wine Clarification 

Edible Fats, Oils & Biofuels

Algae harvesting, Avocado Oil Extraction, Biodiesel Manufacturing, Manufacturing Bioethanol, Fish Processing, Insect Processing, Limed Fleshing, Palm Oil Extraction, Olive Oil Extraction, Processing Used Cooking Oil, Processing of Food Residue, Seed Oil and Press Oil Extraction, Rendering, Surimi Processing

Pharma and Biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology, Plant extracts

Chemical industry and plastics recycling:

Paper Sludge, Plastic recycling, PVC Dewatering, 

Industrial Waste Water, Minerals and Oil:

Dewatering of Paint Sludge, Drilling Mud Treatment, Mining, Oil Sludge Treatment, Sand and Gravel Wash Water, Steelwork Sludge Treatment, Tailings, Tar Cleaning, Crud Processing, Lithium Dewatering and Recovery

Municipal Sewage Sludge:

Thickening and Dewatering of Sewage Sludge, Sludge thickening with starch polymer, Dewatering of waterworks sludge, Processing liquid manure


Machine specific services


    • OEM spare parts
    • gearbox replacement program
    • energy and polymer saving systems
    • specialized wear protection solutions for every application
    • replacement rotors


    • OEM spare parts
    • spindle replacement programs
    • on site service as well as factory revision
    • different material versions
    • replacement bowl including disc stack

Belt press

    • Extensive stock for filter belts
    • roller reconditioning
    • Retrofit solution
    • Filter belts technically always optimized to your needs


    • Online-Monitoring and support
    • Condition monitoring systems
    • Upgrade your switchgear and retrofits
    • software archiving


  • Fast spare parts delivery (over 60,000 original parts in stock) 
  • Consulting and optimization of process engineering 
  • Product analyses in the Flottweg laboratory 
  • Tests under real conditions on site 
  • Rental machines and long-term trials 
  • On-site service as well as factory overhaul