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UNITED ELECTRIC CONTROL is a Boston, United States based Manufacturer with Saudi Aramco 9Com number, is the leader in Pressure switches, temperature switches, thermocouples, RTDs, pressure and temperature transmitters, gas detection, they manufacture standard and custom designed solutions for safety, Alarm and ESD Functions.

Their products are broadly classified into below categories:

Pressure Instrumentation

Hazardous location

    • ONE Series
    •  Safety Transmitter
    • 120 series
    • 12 series

Ordinary location

    • Excela,
    • 100 series
    • 400 series, 
    • 10 series
    •  54 series
    • 55 series

Differential Pressure Instrumentation

Hazardous location

    • ONE Series
    •  Safety Transmitter
    • 120 series
    • 12 series

Ordinary location

    • Excela
    • 100 series
    • 400 series

Temperature Instrumentation

Hazardous location

    • ONE Series
    • Safety Transmitter
    • 120 series
    • 12 series

Ordinary location

    • Excela, 
    • 100 series
    • 400 series
    • 54 series
    • 55 series

Gas Detection


Temperature Sensors

  • RTDs
  • Thermocouples
  • Sensor Box



For more than a decade FielDAQ have been delivering the most advanced Data Acquisition Software & Hardware systems in the O&G industry. 

Since beginning, FielDAQ has especially focused on optimizing, increasing flexibility and making Data Acquisition much easier to use, and cost effective.

FielDAQ Management System are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015, with following activities:

Design, development & sales of High-Performance Universal Data Acquisition Hardware and Software for oil and gas, High performance, Data Acquisition for Coil tubing, Well test, Pump units and drilling. Design of control process equipment, PLC and SCADA systems.

Head office is Located in Stavanger, Norway. 

Industry Challenges

Data Acquisition (DAQ) System in today’s O&G market suffers from incompatibility with 3rd Party hardware, inflexibility, and has steep learning curve to master

Losing data and/ or data crash is one of the biggest challenges especially when the data is huge. 

There is a load of devices and instruments with various protocols in the industry, and to exchange, convert, translate information or signals between systems as well as viewing real-time data from the field remotely is not straight forward.

FielDAQ “Smart Hybrid” Logger

FielDAQ Smart Hybrid Logger can be used for both wired and wireless instruments, the logger is specially tailored for end users and customer, it is easily set up and interfaced with any instruments without the use of a mess of cables and connections. No multi-core cable is needed for the wired channels, only single core is necessary.

The Logger read data from any device, and allows to be used with any 3rd party Software for full flexibility. As many as 250 wireless and 80 wired devices (analog and digital) can be operated simultaneously. You even don’t need to worry of time-consuming troubleshooting if an error or fault occur from any instrument/device.

Hardware Features and Benefits

Interoperable or Vendor agnostic


No calibration is needed for connected sensors (wired or wireless)

Use your legacy transmitters fitted with Wireless Adapter

Support 250 wireless devices & 80 Wire


Analog & Digital

Can be used with 3rd party Software


No multi-core cable is needed


Redundant channels


Integrated HART Communicator


FielDAQ have developed a Software called ScanDas, the Unique software allows to Acquire, Log and Trend data from any field-instrument & devices that supports HART, Wireless HART, Modbus/ASCII, WITS, <WITSML/>, OPC DA, OPC UA and other protocols in the Oil & Gas industry.

ScanDas are easily configured with minimum user effort, and support any instrument such as; (Orifice, Coriolis, Vortex, Turbine, Level, watercut meter, 3rd party control systems, WITSML servers etc.)

ScanDas is used in various applications such as Well testing, Sand Management System, Pumping Units, Coiled tubing, Platform Monitoring, Early Production Facility (EPF), Drilling, or translating protocols (e.g., WITS to WITSML) and in General Industries.

Software Features and Benefits

Supports all protocols in Oil & Automation industry

Super-Fast performance (multi-threading and high-performance vector technology)

Run Multiple connections simultaneous (ex. WITS, WITSML, Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU)

Fast performance real-time plot (10 million datapoints – 20 years of continuous data)

Can translate from any protocol to any protocol (example; from Modbus to <WITSML/> )


Remote monitoring (via mobile, tablet and browser and unlimited channels)

ScanDas covers a wide range of displays and monitors (including P&ID)

Advanced Fluid Re-calculation