Services We Offer

Soiltech is a waste management services provider with extensive experience in all aspects of handling and treatment of oil contaminated slop and cuttings.

Through our operations and research and engineering, we aim at developing products, services and solutions that optimize performance and reduce cost.

Onshore Slop and Cuttings Treatment

Onshore waste treatment at rig site

  • Contaminated water and heavy slop from the waste pit.
  • Treatment rate @ 8 -10 m3/hour on heavy slop.
  • Treatment rate @ 50 – 70 m3/hour on contaminated water.

A Soiltech – Recycle HUB for drilling waste treatment

Proper conveyance of drilling waste has increasingly become a critical concern for operators. Spills and contamination remain key concerns.

Drill cuttings are stored and /or transferred to processing sites to be compliant with legislation.

The volume of waste and the distance to the processing site determines the handling equipment and the mode of transfer required.

  • Drill Cuttings Processing
  • Mud and Slop Processing
  • Drilling Waste Recycling Plant
  • Soil Recovery
  • Research and Development

Soiltech provides full waste management service

  • Working with the customer rep and crew to minimize waste generation.
  • Provide cuttings and waste fluids material balance reports
  • Daily reporting of cuttings and waste
  • Analysis from shipment of waste fluids
  • Oil in water analysis for discharge
  • Skip logistics for cuttings handling (including planning ahead)
  • EOW reporting
  • Correct handling and reporting of cuttings and waste fluids

Waste and Recycle Hub

Soiltech offers a full range of waste management equipment

  • Pneumatic conveying system
    • Blower technology
  • Filtration technology
    • Self cleaning and backwash units
  • Closed top cuttings skips w/sliding lid
  • Swarf removal system
  • Cuttings dryer type WSM
  • Vacuum system
  • Reclamation tanks

Soiltech Slop Treatment Technology (STT) is the solution to offshore liquid waste management


  • The waste is treated at the source
  • Is designed to handle slop from
    • Drilling and drain, tank cleaning, well cleanups
  • Other application areas
    • Brine reclamation, cut mud weight, reconditioning of drill-in fluid
  • High capacity :  120-240 m3/day
  • Treated volume below discharge limit : 8 – 12 ppm
  • Reduced transportation cost
  • Can be tied in with holding tanks 5 m3 or 25m3
    • Saving usage of rig tanks
  • Less transportation results in reduced CO2 emission
  • Mechanical treatment method reduces chemical consumption


LISEGA group of companies is the world’s leading specialist for industrial
pipe support systems. The LISEGA product range of over 12,000
standardized items is the most comprehensive modular pipe support
range worldwide that provides technical solutions for all typical industrial

Field Services

The operational reliability of the pipelines and thus the availability and service life of the systems is highly dependent on the condition and the functionality of the brackets used.
To avoid costly damage and breakdowns, it is highly recommended to periodically inspect the thermal piping movements and condition of the brackets, especially for older equipment.

Additional loads due to inadequately designed pipe supports can lead to long-term damage during operation of the pipelines, which increase the risk of faults and failures in the system.

Frequently encountered defects in the pipe supports are:

  • Defective mounting concepts
  • Improper installation
  • Wrong load settings
  • Unsuitable arrangements
  • Defective quality of the support component

To carry out our on-site services, LISEGA offers a team of qualified and experienced specialists at all its locations.

LISEGA Services

We offer our customers:

  • Checking the pipe supports
  • Control of the pipe movements
  • Planning of brackets in the plant
  • Construction supervision, installation and commissioning
  • Inspection, maintenance and inspection of shock brakes of all makes

Reference List of Saudi Arabia

  • Hot inspection for spring support in PDH/UTY Plant (SAHARA)
  • Adjustment and replacement of pipe supports SEC PP9 Riyadh (Arab House- SEC PP9)
  • F-1170 Radiant Coil Spring Hanger adjustment (SAHARA)
  • 401-B Reformer Counter weight adjustment (SCKSA-Al Bayroni)
  • Spring Support Hot Inspection of 2941 supports in 10 units (TASNEE)
  • Cold Inspection and Adjustment for spring supports in AL Waha Plant (SAHARA)
  • Supervision during the replacement of cast support part (SADAF)
  • Replacement of Spring hangers, tie rod & cold inspection of 65 supports (IBN SINA)
  • Load Adjustment in ethylene furnace (Yansab)
  • EBS I & II Support Hot Inspection (SADAF)
  • Cold Inspection and Adjustment (SAHARA)
  • Pulley System Replacement Job including the Stress analysis and Supply of Spring hangers and Snubber (SADAF)