Titanium Equipment and Anode Manufacturing Co.Ltd

Est. 1975, is a pioneer organization having their forte in the area of handling exotic and special metals including Titanium, Tantalum, Zirconium, Nickel, Copper and their alloys in Industrial Process Equipment(s).

1. TEAMis an U, U2 & ISO9001:2000 certified Company which has built an impeccable reputation in handling exotic and special metals like TITANIUM, TANTALUM, ZIRCONIUM, NICKEL, COPPER and its alloys, and also Duplex SS, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel.
2.Team has sophisticated manufacturing facilities include a ‘CLEAN ROOM’ conforming toNASA 200 standards.The facilities also include Forming, Titanium Welding, Tube to Tube Sheet expansion and welding, Orbital TigWelding. A 12 spindle CNC Drilling Machine capable of precision drilling up to depth of 500 mm, (bed size:4 X 10.4M) is arguably the biggest drilling machine in India
3.Team has developed our own Anode Activation technology for Caustic Chlorine Industries.
4.Team has continuously developed the activation technology and its latest generation anodes are providing enormous power saving for the industry.
5.Platinisedanodes are manufactured for various applications like sea water electrolysers